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BPAS Proposal Generator Checklist (PGC)

Required Information

Use this checklist to request a retirement plan proposal from BPAS in partnership with your organization. Please complete as much of this information as possible, then press the submit button. We will email you a copy of the proposal for review as soon as it is available. Our new proposal is presented in a multimedia format (including a PDF proposal), but can also be ordered in hardcopy form.

(Proposals will be emailed to you unless otherwise specified in question in 19)

11. Check any that apply:

15. Currently, plan offers: (check all that apply)

Please enter your fee and basis points (e.g. 50 basis points). If Other, please describe below

18. Check any optional features you would like to include in the proposal

Optional Questions


Note to clients:

We will call or email you to discuss certain details of the proposal or any questions we have. When the proposal is finished, typically within 2 to 3 business days, and approved by you, we will email the final proposal to you. For groups with assets above $1 million, we will also print and ship a final proposal in color at no charge to the address you specify. We will ship standard first class mail. Color proposals may be shipped at no charge for groups with less than $1 million upon request.

If you would like to customize the proposal, we will email you the Powerpoint file, then you can make any desired edits and email it back to us for approval. We will then print and ship you a final.

Please call us with any questions you may have.