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BPAS Roadways Partner Toolbox – Terms of Use

BPAS has developed the Roadways Partner Toolbox strictly for the use by our Financial Partners, including Advisors and Corporate Trustees, for the purpose of servicing our mutual clients and fostering new retirement and benefit plan business.  Except for files listed as shareware, or otherwise in the public domain, items contained herein are the intellectual property of BPAS, and authorized for the exclusive use of our Financial Partners for plans currently or potentially administered by BPAS. These tools may not be used for any other retirement platform or recordkeeper, except as agreed to specifically in writing by BPAS. Financial Partners are free to edit, modify or and rebrand any materials found in the Partner Toolbox, but they will be responsible for the accuracy of any content changes made.

Individuals viewing this site on a demo basis agree not to copy or utilize any of the tools contained herein unless they select BPAS as a partner, at which point the preceding will apply.

Access to this site by other retirement plan recordkeepers or providers, except where authorized by
BPAS, is strictly prohibited.